Reconditioned Garden Tools

On occasion JT Williams have reconditioned garden tools which are available at a discount price.  If you require second hand or reconditioned garden equipment please click on the link below and provide me with details of your requirements as we … Read More

JT Williams Online!

We have been busy at JT Williams working with DoodleIT to develop a new and modern website to show you the services we offer. You’ll find lots of information about the hire and sales of garden machinery and even some … Read More

Chainsaw Cutting Tips

Using a chainsaw in cold conditions, in snow, and in frozen wood can cause rapid wear and possible breakage of saw chain. Follow the steps below to keep cold-weather wear to a minimum. OIL – Use a lighter weight of … Read More

Chainsaw Safety Information

A chainsaw is not a toy. Be absolutely sure to thoroughly read the operator’s manual supplied with your chainsaw. Follow exactly the manufacturer’s cutting chain sharpening and other chainsaw maintenance instructions. The following information is not meant to replace the … Read More